We offer comprehensive programs for people who want to age gracefully. Are you starting to feel more tired, stressed, gaining weight and watching wrinkles and gray hair appear in the mirror? We offer safe and natural Anti-aging protocols at The Natural Path. We want you to look good on the outside, but especially on the inside, and address possible chronic disease processes with nutritional, lifestyle and dietary programs as well as anti-aging exercise developed by Dr. Ryan Weitman.

The big picture of your health is made up of many pieces. We can help both men and women with bio-identical hormone replacement, and aesthetic treatments. Your beauty, strength, energy and longevity can be optimized with simple, natural methods which support of your body’s systems. If lab assessments show that you are clinically low in hormones, for example estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, or thyroid hormone, prescription bioidentical hormones are available to supplement your body’s natural levels and help you feel younger, healthier and more energetic.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

We perform laboratory testing of blood, urine and or saliva to get assess a patient’s hormone levels, then we prescribe bio-identical creams, gels, pills or injections specifically formulated and dosed for the patient to help with their imbalances. Bio-Identical hormones are often derived from plants, and are gentler on the body and have less side effects than conventional hormone replacement. Anyone experiencing Menopause, Andropause (decreased testosterone levels in men as they age), Somatopause (a decrease of growth hormone seen in people as they age) or adrenal fatigue could benefit from this type of therapy.