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  • Aesthetics & Anti-Aging

    Anti-Aging Take Years Off Your Skin With Our Non-Surgical Stem Cell Facelift

  • Medical Weight loss

    Loss Successfully lose weight with our elite programs including the hCG diet.

  • Hormone Replacement

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  • Sports Medicine

    Natural Performance Enhancement and Injury Repair

  • Oncology & Chronic Disease

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Top 10 Grocery Item Shopping List for Roller Derby Athletes

Note: Protein dense foods are an absolute must for recovery, muscle building and keeping your metabolisms balanced. I recommend that all of you ladies consume 15-25 grams of protein, 6 times throughout the day in evenly spaced meals and snacks. The selective consumption of carbohydrates before, during, and after training and games will fuel optimal performances. And the consumption of essential fats will reduce inflammation, speed healing, contribute to weight loss and help keep your nutty little female athlete brains on the level. Fiber-rich and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables will fill in the rest of the menu. Avoid sugar, alcohol, fried foods, and white flour containing foods.

The List:

  1. Lean Animal Proteins – chicken breasts, ground turkey, pork chops, and lean cuts of red meat. If you want to get a little freaky – try emu, ground buffalo burgers, duck and venison. Grilling, roasting, and broiling are much better than frying, sautéing, and drowning things in gravy.
  2. Lean Aquatic Proteins – Wild Caught salmon, shrimp, Dover sole, red snapper, fresh water trout, sea scallops, and tilapia are all high and protein, and contain essential Omega 3 fats. You must be careful not to eat large, game-fish like shark, tuna, or swordfish because of high mercury content. For more information, visit http://apps.edf.org/page.cfm?tagID=1540
  3. Egg Whites – starting your day off with 4-6 egg whites turned into a scramble or an omelet is a great idea. I like to mix 5 egg whites with 1 whole Omega 3 egg and make spinach/chicken omelets garnished with a little cheese and Tabasco.
  4. Protein Powders – whey protein isolate, cold filtered/micro filtered and ion exchanged are the most superior/affordable/and complete protein powders money can buy. If you are allergic to dairy items, or are a member of that vegetarian cult, than try mixing equal parts of brown rice protein powder with pea protein powder. Other protein powders worth checking out are beef protein powder, hemp seed protein powder, goat’s milk whey protein, and egg white protein powder. Avoid soy protein like the Bubonic plague.
  5. Yams – The king of carbohydrates.  Sweet potatoes and yams are an athlete’s best friend. They’re loaded with carotenes, vitamin A, and complex carbohydrates. Add a half of a large baked yam to dinner, and save the other half to blend into the next day’s morning protein shake. Having a few servings of yams over the 3 days leading up to week-end a derby tournament would be a really good idea.
  6. Berries – Blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, dark cherries, lignon berries and raspberries are loaded with anti-oxidants called polyphenols. These things help fight cancer, strengthen arteries and other vasculature, and tighten up connective tissue. Eating up to 3 servings per day of various berries would be wise. For dessert, often I recommend a small bowl of frozen dark cherries, available at Trader Joe’s, dusted with organic cocoa powder, and stevia. It’s like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia without the big fat ass.  FYI…..it is Dr. Ryan’s opinion that the under consumption of berries and proteins, and over consumption of sugar leads to an amazing platter of cheese and other dairy products that can be displayed shamefully on the posterior thighs of women. Do the right thing!
  7. Green Super Foods – these include the steamer greens like broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, kale, spinach, and Swiss chard. These hot greens go best topped with flavored vinegars and hot sauces. Also, the Green Super Foods list includes the raw salad greens like butter lettuce, green leaf & red leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, spring greens mixes, etc. Green onions are loaded with a chemical called Quercetin. Us Naturopaths like to give Quercetin for allergies, inflammation, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, venous issues, and many more. Do the math! What did you come with?
    1. On another note, Green Tea in all of splendid forms should be on this list. Having liter or more of strong iced green tea, loaded with 3 or more spoonfuls of real honey could be considered the world’s most perfect pre-competition and during competition beverage……..but what the Hell do I know? Genuine Japanese Matcha Green Tea is Dr. Ryan’s favorite.
    2. Red Super Foods – these include plums, pomegranates, all the berries mentioned above, strawberries, red cabbage, and blood oranges. These foods can be eaten in their own right or added as garnishments to spruce up a salad or yogurt. Pomegranate kernels and sliced strawberries top a spring green mix like nobody’s business. A plum balances out a handful of almonds for a healthy snack. And red cabbage leaves can be steamed and used a wrap alternative to white flour based tortillas. 
      1. I like to make a powerful antioxidant coleslaw…..shred equal amounts of red cabbage and carrots in a food processor. Add just enough real mayonnaise (the kind that comes in a glass jar, no plastics please) to the shredded mix to lightly coat all of it, season with Anise seed powder, and sweeten to desired levels by adding Stevia little by little. The antioxidants in this coleslaw slaw will knock your Aunt Connie’s socks off!
      2. Immune Super Foods
        1. Mushrooms – shitake, reishi, maitake, chanterelle, portabella, and oyster mushrooms contain complex polysaccharide molecules that help condition the immune system to kick ass. Add them to soups, and stews, sauté them with some chopped onions to top a grilled lean cut of red meat. Or grill 2 large portabella mushrooms that are relatively the same size and use as a white flour hamburger bun alternative for a grilled turkey or salmon burger.
        2. Herbs – celery seed, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seed, cumin, dill weed and seed, garlic, ginger, mint leaves, oregano, paprika, thyme, and turmeric are all magnificent additions to a meal. All of these herbs have different tastes and properties, so be creative. A little goes a long way.
        3. Citrus – loaded with vitamin C. Lemons, oranges, limes, tangerines, and red grapefruit can support the body’s immune function. Get into the habit of drinking plenty of fresh filtered water with a lemon or orange wedge added to it.

10. Miscellaneous Health Foods – brown rice, quinoa, all other fruits

     and vegetables not listed above, as well as real honey, black strap

     molasses, almonds and walnuts can be added to the diet in


Basic Supplement List for Roller Derby Athletes

Note: Human Reconstruction has available all the supplements recommended in the following list. We sell only clinical lines of vitamins and supplements, meaning that they are not available over the counter. And our derby girls get 25% off the retail price.

Basic Nutrition Regimen:

1)   B-Complex – getting ample amounts of the all of the B vitamins, including Folic Acid, will ensure a steady flow of metabolic energy, stronger hair/skin/nails, better fat metabolism, and healthier lady parts.

2)   Fish Oil – I recommend as a general rule that all the athletes I work with consume 3000 to 6000 mg of EPA & DHA daily in divided doses. These essential fats are found in Fish Oil, and are the Omega 3s that everyone is always buzzing about. If you are a member of that vegetable only religion, that note that Whole Food’s Grocers carry a fish-free Omega 3 oil that is derived from algae. It works just as well. These omega 3 oils are fantastic at helping reduce the bodies inflammation, balancing out brain chemistry, protecting the heart, and making your breath smell like the ocean.

3)   Vitamin D – this vitamin is really a hormone, a hormone that is made when our sweaty skin is exposed to sunlight. During the Spring and Summer seasons, a scantily clad derby athlete skating outdoors might synthesize a good amount of Vitamin D, but not in the Fall or Winter.  So therefore, supplementing with Vitamin D is a smart move. I recommend athletes consume between 5000 IUs and 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 daily.


Optional Sports Package:

1)      BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) – take in a liquid powder form. These amino acids have been shown to help improve athletic performance and reduce the catabolic breakdown of muscle during intense exercise. I recommend taking no less than 5000 mg of BCAAs 20 min before an event, 2000-3000 mg/hour of activity during an event, and another 2000-3000 mg after as part of a recovery drink. I like to take these in capsule form.

2)      L-Glutamine – this amino acid is very friendly with muscles, the immune system, and the small intestine. And it plays nice with the BCAAs mentioned above. Often sports supplements combine L-Glutamine with the BCAAs. 2000 mg before exercise, 2000 mg during exercise, and an additional 3000-5000 mg after exercise added to a post workout recovery drink is brilliant.

3)      D-Ribose – this nutrient is a glorious addition to pre and post exercise beverages. It tastes a little sweet and mixes well in liquids. It is used to help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness associated with strenuous exercise. Take 2000 mg before exercise and 3000 to 6000 mg after exercise to aid in recovery.


Dr. Ryan’s Secret Rocket Fuel Recipes

Beverage Main Ingredients BCAAs






Pre Work Out

Pre Contest Drink

8-12 oz Matcha Green Tea

3 or more spoonfuls of Honey

Serve Iced

5000 mg 2000 mg 2000 mg
During Exercise Drink 8-12 oz Matcha Green Tea

3 or more spoonfuls of Honey

Serve Iced

2000-3000 mg 2000 mg 2000-3000 mg
Post Work Out

Post Contest Recovery Drink

12 oz Water or Almond Milk

25 grams of Whey Protein

1 Cup Frozen Berries


(Blend into a smoothie)

Also, taking 2000 mg of Vitamin C at this time is smart.

2000-3000 mg 3000-5000 mg 3000-6000 mg


Human Reconstruction

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