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Introduction to Human Reconstruction

Naturopathic Medical Doctors are the best trained medical practitioners because they are trained in conventional diagnosis and drug therapies just like your average family practice MD, but are also trained in functional medicine, medical nutrition, herbal medicine, detoxification, joint manipulation, acupuncture, physical medicine and hydrotherapy, exercise medicine, emergency medicine, minor surgery, mind body medicine and homeopathy. Naturopathic medical school creates practitioners who straddle both worlds, conventional and alternative, and Naturopaths are experts in many different natural modalities as opposed to being trained in one, and then dabbling in other “natural” treatments. We are educated, examined, licensed and held accountable for knowledge of diagnosis, and appropriate treatments both alternative and conventional. Many practitioners try to say they practice “Naturopathically”, but if they are not licensed by the state of California as a Naturopathic Doctor, you are not getting the best in alternative medicine. When you visit a Naturopathic doctor at Human Reconstruction you will have a personalized treatment plan created for you that includes many different modalities; your Naturopathic Medical Doctor will orchestrate your best plan of care because they are trained in the many different alternative therapies, can see the larger picture of health, and how all the different pieces fit together to create the best result. If you want to achieve health rather than just manage symptoms, you want a Naturopath in charge of your care.

At Human Reconstruction, we are committed to optimizing health, and preventing and treating disease through positive doctor patient relationships in a supportive and educational environment. Our approach focuses on finding the cause of disease, and treating it naturally. By employing scientific diagnostic methods to discover the cause of your disease, or imbalance, we are then able to address that cause directly, which leads to true healing. We cannot heal you, only you can do that; we are your guides, facilitators and cheerleaders along the way. We start with a clinical consult, including a complete health history, and necessary physical exams. From that information, we compile a list of laboratory testing. After all information has been gathered, we look at the entire clinical picture and develop a personalized comprehensive health plan and treatment protocol.

Dr. Heather Wdowin, NMD and Dr. Ryan Weitman NMD ABAAHP FAARM(c) CSCS

-We are a family of doctors committed to our own health, and yours. We collaborate and complement each other, bringing our different specialized areas of knowledge together to give our patients the best care possible.

Chemicals From the Environment May Be Making You Fat

Certain chemicals referred to as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) get stored in fat tissue, and can cause hormonal problems. Many of these POPs are also “obesogens” and can increase the likelihood of a person being obese.POPs in your fat are associated with diseases related to obesity, and may also influence their development. Women were also more sensitive to these negative effects of PCBs.

Antacid use can lead to low magnesium levels.


Chronic use of antacids can lead to low magnesium levels resulting in hospitalization, especially in patients who are also using diuretics for high blood pressure.

Natural Ways to Stop Heartburn

The esophageal sphincter at the top of the stomach needs to close so the acid does not travel up the esophagus.  Low acid levels, not high, prevent the sphincter from closing.  If you increase the acid content in your stomach, most acid reflux will stop.

There are natural ways to combat acid reflux, otherwise known as heartburn. Most acid reflux is caused by NOT ENOUGH stomach acid being produced.  The pH of the stomach’s contents should be around 2, or roughly equal to battery acid.  Stress and aging can both cause our digestive tracts to not work optimally, not make Continue Reading